Lights Film School is no longer publicly available.

But if you're an existing student, we've got your back! Please get in touch or simply login to the members-only portal you already access. Everyone else, please note that Lights Film School is no longer accepting enrollments, collaboration requests, or inquiries of any kind. 

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Published May 17, 2021 [Archived]

Fourteen years is a long time and an eternity in Internet Years.

Since 2007, in one incarnation or another, Lights Film School has served ambitious storytellers for the screen. It’s been my privilege to speak into the filmmaking journeys of thousands of students, encouraging, challenging, and celebrating their passion, motivation, and individual creative visions.

Lights Film School sprung from a conviction that the world would be a better place if more people took a shot at their dreams... That is, if creatives had more help unlocking their fullest potentials – kind of like I had, through my formal film school experiences – regardless of circumstances, so that they could give their fullest selves to the world. Simply put, the idea was to offer an affordable, adaptable, alternative film school experience entirely online, breaking down the barriers to film education. It makes me happy to reflect on how both our popular blog and intensive indie Filmmaking Program rose to the occasion.

However, the internet of today is not the internet of yesterday.

There are more ways than ever before to learn the art and craft of cinema, so much so that as time went on, I found myself welcoming fewer students into the Program. In one sense, such radical access to film education is very much a dream come true! But it is also a sign that Lights Film School’s own journey has come to an end. Declining enrollments, a pandemic, and my own resistance to compromising on the quality, depth, and spirit of Lights Film School together suggest that it's time to close our virtual doors.

For me personally, the feeling is bittersweet.

I’m proud to live in a world that’s lowering the bar-to-entry into filmmaking, and to have helped lower it firsthand through the more than decade-long mission of Lights Film School. I’m grateful for the kindness and inspiration that characterize our international community of filmmakers, who have pushed me to reach higher in my own life and projects over the years. And I’m looking forward to what lies ahead... To a new, more sustainable way for me to contribute to the world creatively and help others do the same.

Like the internet and all of us, I myself continue to grow, mature, and evolve as well. These days, I’ve stepped into my role as more of a screenwriter, story consultant, and creative development partner than big-picture film educator. It is in this capacity that I anticipate being most of service to the film industry, the indie film community more broadly, and of course, to you as a fellow storyteller for the screen.

Still, if you’re an existing Lights Film School student, please feel free to get in touch.

I will be doing my very best to continue to support you, above and beyond Lights Film School’s Terms of Use where possible, even though the indie Filmmaking Program and its resources are no longer publicly available. To be clear, you still can access and progress through the members-only portal until further notice. Because it is my sincere goal to help guide you toward yours. ❤️

Everyone else, thanks so much for your interest, but with public operations officially wound down, Lights Film School is no longer accepting enrollments, collaboration requests, or inquiries of any kind.

Even so, here’s wishing you the very best in your filmmaking journey!

Michael, with

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