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Updated Aug. 01, 2023 | Published May 17, 2021

14 years is a long time and an eternity in Internet Years.

From 2007 to 2021, Lights Film School served ambitious storytellers for the screen. It was my privilege to speak into the filmmaking journeys of 1000s of students from all over the world, encouraging, challenging, and celebrating their passion, motivation, and individual creative visions.

Lights Film School sprang from a conviction that the world would be a better place if more people took a shot at their dreams... That is, if creatives had more help unlocking their fullest potentials – kind of like I’d had, through my formal film school experiences – regardless of circumstances, so that they could give their fullest selves to the world. Simply put, the idea was to offer an affordable, adaptable, alternative film school experience entirely online, breaking down the barriers to film education. It makes me happy to reflect on how both our popular blog and intensive indie Filmmaking Program rose to the occasion.

However, the internet of today is not the internet of yesterday. There are more ways than ever before to learn the art and craft of cinema, so much so that as time went on, despite our blog's popularity, I found myself welcoming fewer students into the actual Program. In one sense, such radical access to film education is very much a dream come true! But when paired with the fact that my own role has evolved (from big-picture film educator to screenwriter, story consultant, and creative development partner), it is also a sign that Lights Film School’s journey has come to an end, as first announced back in May 2021.

It was my pleasure to continue supporting Lights Film School students for more than two years beyond that time, helping ambitious storytellers recommit to completing their studies and reaching their goals. Support has now fully concluded (although former students still can consult the Support Center).

Wishing you the very best in your filmmaking journey!

Michael, with

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