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How to write a Logline

Once you’ve done your preliminary research on your film or documentary you’ll want to start the process of crafting your logline.  This will help you identify some of the most important elements of your story and it’s a great reference to keep you on the right track. A logline is generally a one to two […]

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Screenwriting: Character Archetypes & Pivotal Characters

Last week Lights Film School held another live screenwriting lecture for our students. The lecture can be found below: Screenwriting – Character Archetypes & Pivotal Characters There comes a time when all your protagonist needs is a boost — something to change their immobility into actuation. “Pivotal characters” have the difficult job of launching action […]

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Writing for Small-Budget Productions

Last night Lights Film School held an online lab chat entitled “Writing for Small-Budget Productions”. One of our screenwriting teachers held the lab chat and helped guide our students through the process of thinking about their story while keeping the budget of their films in mind. The 2 hour lab chat covered many topics but […]

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