• Cracking the Code of the Antihero

    How and why do "antiheroes" work in movies and television? We consider craft and cultural perspectives in our exploration of what makes them tick, laying the groundwork for you to write your own antihero.

Behind the Scenes with a Fulbright-National Geographic Fellow

Part 2: We follow up with documentary filmmaker Daniel Koehler to discuss his successful film festival and grant writing experiences. He shares practical tips to maximize festival opportunities, win funding, and survive in the nebulous world of documentary film.

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Behind the Scenes with a Student Academy Award Winner

Part 1: We dive into documentary filmmaker Daniel Koehler’s two award-winning short films, “The Tobacco King” and “Win or Lose”. Daniel discusses the challenges of international production, how to conduct awesome interviews, how to shoot for the edit in a doc context, & more.

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